Here are some interesting facts about Draper Valley Farms!

We have local family run farms from Lynden, WA to Oregon City, OR.

That’s right… all the way from Lynden, WA to Oregon City, OR our family-run farms provide your family the best and freshest chicken available in the Pacific Northwest. 

Our Chicken is 100% all natural chicken, responsibly raised in low-stress environment.

Our Chickens are raised free-range, with pasture areas and open-air barns, and have access to fresh clean water and feed.

We began our heritage in Whatcom County, WA in 1935.

A True Northwestern group! Support your local Chicken.

We track each flock from the egg to the store, so there is never any question about where our chicken was raised and how it was fed.

Chicken is what we know how to do, and we’ve been doing it since 1935. Tracking each flock ensures that each and every tray you purchase is 100% all natural vegetarian fed northwestern chicken.

Antibiotic Free... we do not give our eggs or chickens any antibiotics – EVER.

Antibiotic-free means that our chickens are NEVER fed antibiotics at anytime during their life. We are able to raise our chickens without antibiotics by focusing on good husbandry practices, such as increased growing space per bird, reduced stress and improved sanitation practices.

Because Draper Valley chicken is all grown locally, it is up to 5 days fresher than other brands.

Fresh, never frozen. All of our chicken is raised strictly in Washington and Oregon!  Our fresh chicken is cut and put into trays and bags in Mount Vernon and delivered to the stores immediately after. 

The old-fashioned chicken flavor comes from the quality of the corn & soy used in the feed made in our own mill located in Chehalis, WA.

Because chickens taste like the feed they eat, our chickens have old-fashioned chicken flavor which comes from the 100% vegetarian diet of corn and soybean flakes.

No animal by products...we never put scrap meat in the feed. Our chickens are fed only corn, soy and vitamins.

Our chickens are fed 100% vegetarian diet made in our own feedmills to ensure quality. They are never fed any animal fat or animal by-products so you get a true chicken flavor and taste in every chicken you purchase.

Responsibly raised chicken… our birds lead a healthy life, roaming in open-air barns and free-range pastures.
The chickens at Draper Valley Farms are raised without the use of antibiotics and raised with excellent poultry husbandry practices. Chickens are grown in spacious housing with plenty of natural sunlight and fresh air and have sufficient room to move about the entire house. They are Free-Range, given outdoor access which helps contribute to a stress-free living environment.


Always Vegetarian Fed • Responsibly Raised

Draper Valley Farms Inc.
Federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones or steroids in poultry.

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